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Greetings Titan Nation,


Welcome to the family! I am honored to serve as this year’s Tesoro Football Executive Booster President for the 2023 Season.  As I embark on this great opportunity to serve our players, parents, coaching staff, and community, I believe strongly that my passion for the game and the commitment to serve will ultimately inspire others to get involved and be an active volunteer in our program.  As the president, I am aware that there will be times that I will be expected to complete unglamorous tasks and not every day will be an easy road.  Through my perseverance and passion for our players I promise to drive the success of our program.  


I am very grateful for my executive booster members and their dedication to making this the best program. It is my intention to lead by example and be an active participant in all the aspects of the program.  Titan Nation can rest comfortably knowing that the executive board will always be transparent and honest with our community. As a leader, I hope to earn your respect and wish that you will follow in our footsteps.  We will grow as an organization and you too will understand that it truly takes an army of families to build Titan Nation.  


Our players will be our number #1 priority and we will strive to keep them motivated to succeed in all aspects of life.  Football is just a small part that each of our players will walk away from this high school experience.  Our players will learn teamwork, respect for each other, admiration for their coaches, they will experience heart break and defeat and they will celebrate their wins.  As parents, we will provide healthy meals, support education, set boundaries and love our players for the exceptional human beings that they are becoming in this chapter of life. 


In closing, I look forward to many great football games,  social events, and the memories that we will all cherish for years to come!  Let’s go Titans!


Best regards,

Steven Schamel

Titan Up and Be Great Now!

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