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Tesoro Spirit Pak site is Open! Time To TITAN UP!

Tesoro Football Community,

Our BSN Spirit pak website is back open for business for the final time prior to our football season.


The site will close on Tuesday, May 26th

Here is an explanation on all of the items available…

  1. All players will need one of the White compression shirts for Summer camp (regular, sleeveless, or long sleeves are all fine. Some of our bigger kids don’t like the compression shirts so they can get the Legend Short Sleeve T instead. I’d recommend getting 2 of whatever your athlete wants in the interest of less laundry.

  2. Navy Athletic Shorts will be needed for Summer Camp as well. I’d also recommend getting 2 pair of these if doable.

  3. The White practice jersey is not needed until Fall Camp. Players can pick whatever # they want for their practice jersey.

  4. The sweatshirt, sweat pants, jackets, polo shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, etc. are all want items not need items. Our players like all this gear to wear around but none of it is required.

  5. Players will need a girdle for Fall Camp. You don’t need this particular one but it’ll be hard to find a good one for a better price.

  6. Players will need a mouthpiece for Summer camp and Fall. It doesn’t need to be this particular one but this is a good brand. Mouthpieces cannot be clear under CIF rules.

  7. All of the tights are want items and not need items.

  8. Both the Duffel Bag and Backpack are want items although the Duffel Bag comes in handy taking gear to away games and such.

  9. We wear white socks with our uniform, it doesn’t have to be this kind but we make this available as an option for you.

  10. Cleats – Our program wears predominantly White cleats for games. It definitely doesn’t have to be the brand/styles on the site but these are a better deal then you’ll find in stores. The cleats can have accent colors of Navy, Red, and/or Black. (Players can wear any cleats they want for practices.)

  11. Shoulder Pads – We’ll provide every player shoulder pads prior to Fall Camp but some families like to get their athlete their own pair so again we just make this available as an option. You do not need to purchase shoulder pads though.

I hope this helps explain how this all works. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Poston. Again, the site closes on Tuesday, May 26th so if you’d like anything this go around get your order in before then.


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