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Here is the link to the list of sponsors for the last 3 years. Please follow the protocol that is laid out so we don't over bombard people. We only want one person to contact each local company and we only want them approached ONE time! 


PLEASE look at item #5. We sent out a letter on March 25th offering our support and sympathy during the pandemic and want to hang last year's banner regardless of donation this year but "hope they will contribute when they can." 


CALL or email Heidi Smith to commit PRIOR to reaching out to a vendor, she will update the list so we stay current


Past Sponsor List 


(if the link doesn't work, copy and paste the following:


The following info will hopefully add clarity to the file:


  1. You will see that many have a current student listed in the "Player" field and a status of "In Progress". We are assuming that all of the players will contact their previous contacts about renewing. If this is not the case please let us know. Any blank status means no one has called "dibs" yet.

  2. If your name is missing from a sponsor, please let Heidi know so she can add it. Also, if you would like to claim a sponsor for contact, please email or text and she will put your name down ( or 801-318-5711). We are trying to avoid over-contacting our people so please respect the list.

  3. The "Sponsorship History" column details the sponsor's past with our team: 

    1. 2019 Senior Contact = sponsored last year but player graduated last year; 

    2. Pre-2019 = sponsored in the past (see listed year) but did not renew last year; 

    3. Last Year Sponsor = sponsored last year but the player is not playing this year.

  4. If you have a new potential sponsor and want to "reserve" them, let me know and I will add them as well.

  5. Lastly, if someone responds that this year is especially tough and they won't be able to because of COVID, let them know that we appreciate their past support and as an act of goodwill, we will hang their banner anyway. Hopefully they will be able to support us financially again next year.

       Note: this only applies to banner renewals not program ads.

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