1st Down Titan Booster - $800 (Pay by Credit Card Option)

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Pricing Details

Total: $ 800.00

1st Down Titan Booster - $800 (Pay by Credit Card Option)

• Titan Varsity Game Media Guide Recognition
• Tesoro Football Website Recognition
• Invitation for 2 to Coaches Meet & Greet (Parents Only)
• Titan Family Night Photo
• Titan Football Window Decal (one per family)
• Titan Player Yard Sign
• 2019 Highlight DVD
• Titan Spirit Item (Available in August)

Booster Membership Supports:
- Uniforms
- Helmets, Shoulder Pads & Equipment
- Field Operations (Team Support & Technology)
- Coaches Stipends/Professional Development
- Video Costs (Hudl/Game Film)
- Away Game Transportation
- Off Season Strength and Conditioning & Weight Room Enhancements
- Passing League & Lineman Competition Tournament Fees
- Nutrition/Hydration/Team Meals
- JV/Varsity Player Banquet – Player Admission/Food & Drinks /Awards
- Online Access to Game Photos
- 2019 Highlight DVD
- Social Events
- Team Bonding
- Camps
- Snack Bar
- Fundraising

*Additional Player Cost is $400 if you have additional players in the program


If you are registering more than one player for the 1st Down Booster plan, please complete the form for the first player below, and at the bottom, click the Submit & Complete Another Form button. The additional player cost of $400 will be added to your initial player cost of $800. That’s a $400 savings on the 2nd Player!

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