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Tesoro All South Coast League Players

Posted by Titan Football at Nov 29, 2017 8:59PM PST

Tesoro Football Community,

Titan Nation ,

The following players have been awarded All South Coast League status for their efforts from this past season…

1st Team – Alec Bank – OL
1st Team – Cameron Lambi – RB
1st Team – Justin Schafer – WR
2nd Team – Jacob Gonzalez – RB
2nd Team – Ryan Romero – WR
Honorable Mention – Matt Harrington – WR
Honorable Mention – Justin Williams – OL

1st Team – Cooper Gallaway – DL
1st Team – Parker Marshall – LB
2nd Team – Garrett Clapper – DL
2nd Team – Zach Wran – DB
Honorable Mention – Joe Adams – DL
Honorable Mention – Peyton Churchward – LB
Honorable Mention – Brett King – DB
Honorable Mention – Kyle Schaefers – DB

and the South Coast League Defensive Player of the Year… Brant Gass – LB

Congrats to all of our Titans who were recognized

Tesoro Football Mission Statement

Posted by Titan Football at Dec 14, 2016 10:35PM PST

Tesoro Football
Mission Statement

To build and maintain a highly competitive football program which fosters the development of the “whole” player. We strive to impact young people’s character, academics, and athletic development in a team atmosphere. Our purpose is that players will leave Tesoro Football ready to achieve excellence in life.

Photo Contributions

Posted by Titan Football at Aug 28, 2016 10:06PM PDT

Thanks to the generous contributions of some of our Titan Supporters, images from the games will be made available here on this site and can be seen on the Photos! page. These images are provided on a voluntary basis and are not contracted or scheduled to be provided, but are done so through the generosity of Titan parents and supporters. Should you have images of a Titan game or function that you would like to share, please contact the Webmaster for inclusion on this site. Thank you, and enjoy!

New iOS Teampages App Available!

Posted by Titan Football at May 3, 2016 12:27PM PDT

Listen up Tesoro Football!

It’s the moment all iOS users have been waiting for… the new Teampages app is NOW available and can be downloaded from the App Store! It’s the easiest way for the coaches to communicate with you, anywhere, anytime. So once your profile has been created, be sure to download the app for whichever version of phone you have and get connected!

This a major update for iOS users, so if you have downloaded the previous version of the iOS Teampages app, be sure to get this new one. Android users do not need to look for an update, you got this update awhile back :-)

Also, for those who want to know more about the latest development efforts with Teampages, the technology that drives your site, you can connect to and see what’s under development, or even post your ideas. Good ideas come from many sources, no matter what the age.

The link to the app is:


Start Your Profile and Join Your Team

Posted by Titan Football at Apr 25, 2016 10:29PM PDT

It’s simple and easy to do, select the team that you will be a part of in the next season, and click Join Team. You will be prompted to create a profile, please do so. There is a full document with screen shots that can be found in the Documents section on the main page under Athletes that you can use as a guide if you are confused. Once your profile has been created, and you have been approved to your team, be sure to download the app for your phone and log-in with your profile credentials, just search for Teampages where you download apps for your phone. NOTE: iOS users, a new version of the Teampages app will be coming out soon. It will be best for you to wait for that new release.

It is important that you create your profile, as this will be one of the primary communication tools the coaches will use to communicate with you. It is also a scheduling tool, and all of your events will be loaded here. So please, start your profile today.

Teams will be open to join until after Freshman Parent Night, after that, coaches approval will need to take place. An audit of those who have assigned themselves to the teams will take place once the regular season has begun. All non team members will be removed at that time.

NOTE: Please, ONLY student athletes assign yourself to the appropriate team as a “Player”. Parents, please assign yourself the appropriate “Parent” classification to the appropriate team. Thank you.