Tesoro All South Coast League Players

Posted by Titan Football on Nov 29 2017 at 08:59PM PST in 2017

Tesoro Football Community,

Below are our players selected as all South Coast League

SCL Offensive Player of the Year – Chase Petersen
1st Team – Shane Bowe
1st Team – Seth Gilmore
2nd Team – John Cody
2nd team – Carson Deushane
Honorable Mention – Alec Bank
Honorable Mention – Joe Morenc

1st Team – Parker Marshall
1st Team – Vinnie Vladic
1st Team – James Williams
2nd Team – Jack Krull
2nd Team – Zack Wran
Honorable Mention – Jacob Nowland
Honorable Mention – Joe Rubio
Honorable Mention – Kyle Schaefers