Tesoro All South Coast League Players

Posted by Titan Football on Nov 29 2017 at 08:59PM PST in 2017

Tesoro Football Community,

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The following players have been awarded All South Coast League status for their efforts from this past season…

1st Team – Alec Bank – OL
1st Team – Cameron Lambi – RB
1st Team – Justin Schafer – WR
2nd Team – Jacob Gonzalez – RB
2nd Team – Ryan Romero – WR
Honorable Mention – Matt Harrington – WR
Honorable Mention – Justin Williams – OL

1st Team – Cooper Gallaway – DL
1st Team – Parker Marshall – LB
2nd Team – Garrett Clapper – DL
2nd Team – Zach Wran – DB
Honorable Mention – Joe Adams – DL
Honorable Mention – Peyton Churchward – LB
Honorable Mention – Brett King – DB
Honorable Mention – Kyle Schaefers – DB

and the South Coast League Defensive Player of the Year… Brant Gass – LB

Congrats to all of our Titans who were recognized